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Communities across the U.S. are in need of relevant and useful local information that they trust. Many local media outlets have closed, or lack the funding and staff to do the deep reporting once expected of them. As people have turned increasingly to social media as a news source, their trust in journalism and public information has been undermined by the proliferation of click bait and fake news.

The Listening Post Collective offers resources, tools, peer-to-peer support and a shared learning space for journalists, newsroom leaders and community groups looking to revitalize their local news and information ecosystems.

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“The beauty of the Listening Post is its deceptive simplicity — there's a bright green button and a bright red button. Click here to talk into a giant fish. Suddenly, you have hundreds of members of the community having a conversation, and you've got stories for the radio, websites, social media, even text messages. Jesse and his team taught us that if you make the effort to treat community members as people, instead of an 'audience,' you can build a cutting-edge community journalism project with just a few cheap tools.”

Jason Saul, Managing Producer, BirdNote, former digital media manager at WWNO

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“You'd be hard-pressed to find a journalistic endeavor as deeply rooted in community and creativity as the Listening Post. Jesse and the Listening Post team have forged an innovative model for how newsrooms can weave stories from the wealth of insights in their backyards, finding new voices to incorporate along the way. From the Listening Post's inventive deployment of sculptures and signs as community engagement portals to the use of text messaging to spark dialogue, this project is a rich source of inspiration for journalists everywhere.”

Cole Goins, Director of Community Engagement, CIR/Reveal

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“Listening Post NOLA started sending me questions, and I'd answer questions sometimes, and when they asked me to do an interview, I said 'sure', because I want to participate, I want to be a part of making New Orleans great and I think this is a great way to do it.”

Toni Jack, Schoolteacher, New Orleans East Resident, Listening Post participant

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“Jersey Shore Hurricane News (JSHN) has always been by the community and for the community, so launching a New Jersey-based Listening Post project was a natural fit. The Listening Post has helped JSHN facilitate more offline engagement and marry offline communities with our active online communities. As JSHN continues to embrace our contributor culture, the Listening Post has helped us strengthen and expand our connection to our communities and continues to keep us in tune with how people in our communities think and feel about local issues.”

Kelly Schott, Jersey Shore Hurricane News

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“If local news is vital to democracy, and I'm pretty sure it is, then newsrooms have got to find better ways to build rapport with the communities they report on. Listening Post is one of the best projects I've seen, they do a remarkable job of bringing a community together with a newsroom and building meaningful, thoughtful conversations.”

Amanda Hickman, BuzzFeed Open Lab for Journalism

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