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Our Work

We develop civic media + power building resources

Listen and Seed
We work with communities that have been historically excluded from news and information systems to assess needs and solutions.

Build Power
We work with equitable media leaders to foster their power by tailoring support plans that meet them where they are.

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Our Values

Listening is our greatest tool

We start with listening. We ask questions that help us understand how we can be of service to communities.

Trust is earned

We earn trust by being transparent about what is driving our work, what we think, what we don’t know, and we show up for the people we work with.

Cultivating local power is essential

We help build power by providing tools and advice that help partners understand community needs and identify ways to help strengthen and sustain their work.

Being adaptable and responsive strengthens collaborations

There isn’t one tool, process, or approach in building news and information solutions for communities. We develop toolkits, playbooks and strategies that are adaptable and meet partners where they are.

Equitable media requires culturally relevant solutions and transformative investments

We center immigrant and BIPOC partners and meet their needs in culturally competent and linguistically accessible ways. We invest our time, talent and resources to help these partners, and we advocate for their work to funders, institutions, and peers.