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Baltimore Housing

Hi Barclay Neighborhood! 

We're the Listening Post Collective and we are partnering with organizations and residents in the Barclay neighborhood to 1) deliver relevant information to residents, and 2) to create a conversation about important local issues. 

Our first topic is housing

Join the conversation: Tell us about the biggest housing problem you’ve had as a renter. Text message your answer to 410-983-6423 or call that # and leave us a message.

Information: Read this informative local investigative series by The Baltimore Sun: Dismissed: Tenants Lose, Landlords Win in Baltimore's Rent Court

Get involved and learn more: The Baltimore Sun is hosting an event on Tuesday, Oct. 24th to bring together a diverse panel to discuss the challenges and solutions around this critical topic.  More information here

Have more questions?  You can email us at 

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