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jmr's Participatory Journalism Playbook!

A Field Guide to Listening and Reporting with Communities

This playbook by jesikah maria ross is a guide to participatory journalism. The playbook is intended to help you select and develop stories in conversation with the communities most affected by a certain issue; design a reporting process that generates understanding, connection, and trust; and strengthen existing networks and forge new alliances that build community resilience beyond reporting.

jmr + Listening Post Collective: In 2018, jmr and CapRadio came to the Listening Post Collective with an idea. They wanted to incorporate more participatory journalism principles and practices into their annual documentary series The View From Here. In 2019 they were going to focus their series on Meadowview, a community thrust into the national spotlight by police violence and it was imperative to jmr and her colleagues that they take a different approach to reporting. They wanted to build relationships, create community, and produce journalism that foregrounds community perspectives, priorities, and hopes. To do so they spent a year in the neighborhood, listening and reporting stories guided by residents’ needs and aspirations.

To support this work, Listening Post Collective partnered with CapRadio to support in-person events and activities, and offered Listening Post Collective fellowships to jmr and Olivia Henry. We spent the year listening and learning with one another, sharing ideas, roadblocks and successes. The results? An amazing podcast, Making Meadowview (listen here), and jmr’s Participatory Journalism Playbook. Dig in and let us know what you think!

jmr's Participatory Journalism Playbook URL:

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