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Listening Post Collective Grants $45,000 for Skills Sharing and Collaboration between Partners

Listening Post Collective has launched a new fund called Give Help, Get Help to help facilitate skills sharing and collaboration between nine of our local media partners across the country. Give Help, Get Help was established to build a stronger support system for local media as they respond to community needs amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and Black Lives Matter protests. This fund, totaling $45,000, will allow these local newsrooms to produce relevant and lifesaving information for their communities while strengthening their newsrooms. 

Our partners have deep experience, useful skills, and good advice to pass along to one another and this fund will compensate them for their time spent collaborating and providing one another with assistance. Partners are looking to assist one another with everything from setting up successful WhatsApp groups, to video editing, to advice on website development. Our hope is that this process will give them access to resources and support and allow them to build networks that will serve them long into the future. 

Listening Post Collective is proud to support a diverse group of local newsrooms that are providing crucial information in multiple languages to over 1.5 million people across the United States. This fund was made possible with support from the Democracy Fund, News Integrity Initiative, CLEF, and the James Irvine Foundation.  

Below is a list of Listening Post Collective’s Give Help, Get Help grant recipients: 

Charlottesville Tomorrow, Charlottesville, VA

Founded in 2005, Charlottesville Tomorrow is a hyperlocal journalism nonprofit with a mission to expand civic engagement and foster a vibrant, inclusive, and interdependent community. Charlottesville Tomorrow delivers in-depth reporting and analysis that improves local decision-making. They seek to expand civic engagement to foster a vibrant, inclusive, and interdependent community.

Conecta Arizona, Phoenix, AZ

Conecta Arizona offers a daily stream of Spanish language news to subscribers on Whatsapp, Facebook, and other social media platforms in Phoenix, AZ. Spanish-language news outlets in Arizona and the neighboring Mexican state of Sonora will also carry stories from Conecta Arizona.

Conecta Arizona was created to fill a void in Spanish-language information about COVID-19. Nearly one third of Arizona’s population is Hispanic, and for many, Spanish is their first language. Yet information about the pandemic is either not available in Spanish or is extremely difficult to find on official government websites. Local Spanish-language media is limited in its ability to keep up with the crisis.

Feet in 2 Worlds, New York, NY

Since their founding in 2004, Feet in 2 Worlds has brought the work of immigrant journalists from communities across the U.S. to public radio and online news sites. Feet in 2 Worlds’ areas of special interest include food in immigrant communities, climate change, the role of immigrant voters in U.S. elections, and arts and culture.

Ivanhoe Sol, Fresno, CA

A group of residents and allies of the Ivanhoe community in Tulare County have partnered with the Sun-Gazette newspaper to pilot a bilingual town newsletter. Helmed by a resident-led editorial team, the monthly publication includes civic information, resident submissions, and reporting contributed by Sun-Gazette staff. Copies are mailed to all residents in Ivanhoe (over 4,500 people).

Jamila Harris, Fresno CA

Fresno native and longtime Fresno radio host Jamila Harris is one of the co-hosts of Lady J and the Miller Boys, a public affairs program developed at Fresno’s Black-owned low-power FM station KOFP. While the station is on hiatus and planning a comeback, Jamila has been exploring a podcast format, growing the show’s audience, and exploring long-term revenue models.

NOISE, Omaha, NE

NOISE, shorthand for North Omaha Information Support Everyone, is a community-led news network is committed to strengthening information creation and distribution in North Omaha. Dawaune Lamont Hayes, founder and director of NOISE, is a North Omaha native and 2016 journalism graduate of Creighton University. Having worked and lived in the community, Hayes saw first-hand the negative impact of limited news flow and deep coverage of issues important to residents. This disparity prompted him to put his abilities to use in North Omaha, partnering with local outlets The Reader, The Omaha Star, Mildred D. Brown Memorial Study Center and Mind and Soul 101.3 FM to develop a grassroots news network specific to the community.

SAADA, Philadelphia, PA

SAADA, South Asian American Digital Archive, is documenting the history of South Asian Americans. SAADA has been sharing the stories of South Asian Americans for over 12 years. They currently have the largest publicly accessible archive of South Asian Americans’ history.

Sahan Journal, Minneapolis, MN

Sahan Journal is a Minnesota based non-profit news outlet dedicated to reporting for and about immigrant and refugee communities. They report stories that are traditionally overlooked by mainstream media in an effort to foster important two-way conversations.

Sahan Journal’s overall goal is to establish a policy of not just covering immigrant and refugee communities, but listening to them on a regular basis, and tailoring access to Sahan Journal reporting to consider language, technology, literacy and other potential barriers to receiving information.

uSpark, Fresno, CA

Filmmaker Sergio Cortes, recently launched uSpark Valley, an evidence-based media project to share local civic information with Fresno’s Millennial and Gen Z residents. Using community member-hosted video segments and social media, Cortes and his team facilitate conversations between young people, leaders, candidates and elected officials and cover important local topics and news.

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