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Grants for LPC Support Now Available!


Want us to support your work? So do we! That's why we're thrilled to announce that you can now apply for a grant to receive Listening Post Collective mentorship and services through the Community Listening & Engagement Fund (CLEF)!

This is a great opportunity for any media outlet interested in engaging with and listening to their community in meaningful ways. Whether you want to understand local information needs, reach isolated and underserved places, or create content that reflects the wide range of experiences in your community, we can offer tailored training and mentorship to help you out.

Apply here by Oct. 31!

So what does this all look like? 

Our mentorship program will offer each partner a site visit and custom training (see options on that below), 80 additional hours (over 6 months) of mentorship and $500 towards testing out ideas learned in the training.

Listening Post Collective Services Include: 

  • Development of either a personalized 3-day training course -or- support with a local information ecosystem assessment
  • LPC trainer onsite for 3 full days
  • Written report/assessment of training or research with recommendations
  • All transport and accommodation costs for trainer
  • 80 additional hours of LPC mentorship (over 6 months)
  • $500 toward implementation of your project

Site Visit Options: Depending on your needs, we can offer one of the following two options during our site visit.

1. Information Ecosystem Assessment Training and Support: An Information Ecosystem Assessment (IEA) is an in-depth, customized survey methodology to help provide a snapshot of how information moves through a community, what the trusted sources are, who the major influencers are, what issues are most important to residents, and how best to expand the news conversation to a diverse audience. These assessments provide a road map for how news outlets can better share content with communities they aren’t already connecting with and they help open up ongoing channels so residents can contribute their experiences to ongoing coverage. Through this mentorship program, we will help you conduct and write a local assessment. During our three day site visit, we will help launch of the assessment and will then continue to help research and write the report as a part of our mentorship hours. The small activation grant will then allow your outlet to develop a community engagement project based on what you learn from this assessment, with LPC support.

2. Three-Day Workshop: We may specialize in community engagement, but we're also journalists and media practitioners. Through this mentorship program we can tailor-make a full 3-day training course for up to 10 members of a media outlet or project, teaching specifically on our community engagement methodologies - or on almost any newsroom need. We can include sessions on everything from basic radio production to interviewing techniques, from reporting in a disaster to hosting a talk show. All topics aim to strengthen the depth and quality of reporting, putting communities first and ensuring true two-way communication. The small activation grant will then help you develop a community engagement project based on what you learn, with LPC support.

Have any questions?

  • Reach out to us or check out the FAQ page about the fund here.
  • Join a webinar at 3:30 ET on Tuesday, October 16th. Details here.
  • Email us!

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