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The Listening Post Collective is recruiting for an Information Ecosystem Assessment Lead to conduct research on the information ecosystem and information needs of families in the cities of Riverside and San Bernardino. 

This Inland Empire project seeks to support the two-way flow of information between residents and news and information providers. The goal is to improve the information landscape for communities that are poorly served by news providers. 

The main goal and timeline of this job are:

To conduct immersive, community-driven research that will provide a deep and meaningful understanding of how residents get and share news in Riverside and San Bernardino, CA. (September-Dec 2020)

The Assessment Lead(s) for this project will be responsible for:

  • Driving research implementation with guidance and support from the Listening Post Collective team. This includes conducting field research (survey distribution, focus groups/listening sessions, key informant interviews).
  • Recruiting and managing local community liaisons to support survey distribution, host focus groups and listening sessions and provide other assistance as needed.
  • Building and supporting relationships with media makers, community organizations, and residents interested in supporting local information needs.
  • Help organize a public forum to share the final assessment with community stakeholders.
  • A note about COVID-19: Most or all of this work can be done remotely and online. If you do engage work outdoors or in-person as part of this role, we can provide you with PPE in advance.

The Assessment Lead(s) will adapt the Listening Post Collective Playbook to inform the process and will use mixed methods/qualitative research to explore the information needs and main sources of information within the community. The objective of this assessment is to inform the design of community news projects which will ultimately address critical information needs. 



We estimate that this position will require 5-10 hours a week of work.

The Assessment Lead(s) for Riverside and San Bernardino pays $30/hr.

You will be reimbursed for work-related mileage. 

About Listening Post Collective: 

Information poverty and inequality—where citizens have limited or no access to high-quality, local information—limits freedom of expression and reduces informed choice. To address this, the Listening Post Collective works to ensure communities are represented in and have access to news and information that improves their lives. Since 2013, Listening Post Collective has supported community media initiatives in regions across the country. 

During our most recent project in Fresno, CA, we conducted an information ecosystem assessment in South Fresno and nearby rural communities Our aim was to take stock of how residents get and share news; listen to their priorities and understand how coverage of those issues impacts their ability to thrive. We also wanted to learn from grassroots news-sharing projects that fill information gaps, despite a lack of resources and formal training. 

Our final report was based on more than 60 interviews with community leaders and media makers, eight community listening sessions and nearly 600 surveys with residents. Four community liaisons attended job fairs, swapmeets, schools, church services, grocery stores and more to do this listening. You can check out the full report, summary Twitter thread and our three new grantees here. 

Apply here: 

If you have any questions or are interested in applying for this position, please email the Listening Post Collective team at This position will remain open until filled.

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