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Community media engagement projects look slightly different in each town or neighborhood, but they share a common purpose: to revitalize or create conversation between local media, civil society, and citizens; to connect people with each other and with sources of information and action on local issues; and to give people a voice in the issues that matter to them in their communities.

We're working with some great partners around the country who wanted to use our Listening Post umbrella as a way to start and sustain their work. If you'd like to learn more about a formal partnership, let us know. It's not a prerequisite for using our site or collaborating with us.

See how our partner projects are progressing below:

Let us know how you're using the playbook, or if you'd like us to add something. We're always up for some feedback!

And, send us a paragraph about yourself and your work, and what kind of media engagement project you have or would like to build. We'd love to be in touch.


Jersey Shore, New Jersey


Jersey Shore Hurricane News


Justin Auciello launched Jersey Shore Hurricane News on Facebook in 2011 just before Hurricane Irene hit New Jersey. In the years since, it has grown into
 a vibrant community of nearly 250,000 people known as JSHN “contributors”—across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and now, their Listening Post project. The JSHN team is using Listening Post strategies to dive deeper into the community and connect
 with their large audience offline as well, get to know them, and understand better how important issues are impacting lives in 
the region. Auciello says his creation is a two-way news outlet for the people, by the people.


Kelly Schott
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